Tolworth Greenway: Another White Elephant?

Tolworth Greenway – to those who haven’t seen it the name conjures up such a nice vision:
What is it they ask? An oasis of verdant vegetation to brighten up the lives of local residents?
Guess again.
Kingston Council’s idea of a ‘greenway’ is 500+ metres of nonsensical green stripy tarmac, replacing the central reservation/pavement and removing the safety barriers.

Apparently this was to calm traffic and improve cyclist and pedestrian safety, but what happens when you remove the barriers and replace it with nice smooth tarmac? Well the cars use it of course to do U-turns, etc. making life more dangerous for pedestrians.

On February the 14th a local woman crossing the road and her son were involved in a collision with a vehicle.
Woman Injured Crossing Greenway (

Local residents have long pointed out the lack of safety, though the Council has failed to act:
Disabled Campaigner points out problems at Greenway (from Surrey Comet)

Local Residents have their say (from Surrey Comet)

Greenway Not Justified (from Kingston Courier)

Is Tolworth Greenway Being Planned Properly? (from Your Local Guardian)

As soon as it was opened it was apparent that drivers were using it:
Drivers Using Greenway as a Shortcut (from Surrey Comet)

Of the £3,000,000 cost, £1m has come from the pockets of those very Council Tax payers whose safety is now compromised should they wish to cross this monstrosity on foot.

Given the use of this central reservation area by both pedestrians and vehicles what is the LibDem controlled Council’s policy to stop this? Add bollards maybe to protect pedestrians? No, that would ruin their aesthetic sensibilities. Instead they plan to introduce CCTV camera, no doubt to fine drivers in order to swell their coffers whilst leaving the pedestrians and cyclists to fend for themselves and dodge the traffic!
Council considers Greenway cameras (from Your Local Guardian)

How long until there’s a fatality on this flawed scheme?
How long until some remedial safety works are carried out?
Much more will these works cost the hard pressed tax-payers?

It’s time to put some common sense into the Council chambers; it’s time to vote UKIP!