Primary School and Needle Exchange

Recently it’s come to light that Surbiton Health Centre on Ewell road runs treatment for those with drug and alcohol dependency and this includes a needle exchange program. The site is shared with Lime Tree primary school, a new and very much needed school for the local area.

Details have emerged that the head teacher was not made aware of these services by either the NHS or the Kingston council.

A recent study for the council, at a cost of £11,880 including VAT found that the largest risks were political involvement in the issue (that would be us) and a risk to the users of the service from the parents! The report did not investigate alternative sites for this service, the council estimates that another report would be needed and could cost an additional £40,000 to £80,000.

This is an ongoing shambles and should never have happened in the first place, though we agree with the need for needle exchange programs to reduce the spread of HIV as well as drug and alcohol counselling, who in their right minds would situate this next door to a primary school. Previously these services were offered at Kaleidoscope – opposite a secondary school, Tiffin boys school.

Please help us fix this LibDem controlled council, vote for COMMON SENSE, vote for UKIP!

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