Ed Davey MP

Ed Davey, MP for Kingston-upon-Thames and Surbiton, Liberal Democrat, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change.

What has our illustrious representative been up to of late in the coalition?

The Independent ran this article quoting him from a BBC Newsnight interview:

“I’m sure people do wear jumpers, I wear jumpers at home…”

OK – I’ll let him off, it was a bit of a misquote (though also a pratfall he should have been sharp enough to avoid) the full quote can be seen here in a BBC article.

Let’s avoid the media side-show and look at what’s really happening…

Wind Turbines
On Andrew Marr’s BBC show (13/10/13) he defended on-shore wind turbines when asked if they were value for money saying:

“Absolutely. They only get paid when they are generating electricity.”

(see this article) Well that’s not really the full story, the owners receive subsidies.

By comparison Robert Mendick, wrote this brilliant article in the Telegraph the day before (12/10/13) reporting:

An analysis of the industry's figures shows that Britain's largest energy firms received almost £900 million last year through a consumer subsidy added to household bills.

The subsidy is worth £200 million more than the income from the electricity actually produced by Britain's on and offshore wind farms. In total, the big six received more than £1.5 billion in revenues last year from wind farms they own.

In the Marr interview, he admitted energy prices will rise further in future to support investment by French and Chinese state backed nuclear operators entering into the Nuclear industry, this was picked up in this Mirror article. Though we need Nuclear for energy security, one has to question the wisdom of allowing firms controlled by foreign states to operate Nuclear power stations in the UK.

So what’s our Yellow Ed been up to on the climate change front of late (other than letting off some hot-air), well it turns out the government department he runs has spent £300,000 last year on DOMESTIC flights.
Ah carbon footprints, always so much prettier when the tax-payers are footing the bill…
Daily Mail article here

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