Press Release – GE 2017

MatthewsLRUKIP Kingston & Surbiton Branch Select Graham Matthews as Candidate for the Kingston & Surbiton Parliamentary Constituency

We are proud to announce Graham Matthews will be our candidate at the June 2017 General Election.  Graham is a 48-year old father of four who lives in New Malden, and has previously lived in Surbiton.  A chartered accountant by training, he has been a partner in two of the world’s biggest accountancy firms.

Graham said “It is an honour for me to be chosen as candidate to fight this election.  I have enjoyed a 25 year career in the private sector and I am proud to say that unlike some of my rivals I am not a career politician.  As a grammar school boy from a single parent family, I have never forgotten where I come from.  I joined UKIP because I could see how the establishment political parties failed to represent the ordinary British people.  The referendum was their chance to finally be heard, a moment when every vote finally counted.  Even today, the establishment still has not come to terms with its loss, and is doing everything they can to take back control by hook or by crook.

It is now vital that we secure a clean Brexit as our first priority in the people taking back control of the country.  The Tories cannot be trusted with Brexit and we need to keep the pressure on them and stop them from backsliding.

The elite continue to look down their noses at the forgotten people of the UK.  At a time when our own citizens who have paid into the system for years can’t get the care they need,  and when our national debt continues to rise to a record £1.7trillion (which is in fact more like £4 trillion if all pensions are included), then why do we give away £13billion in foreign aid each year?   This is an insult to every hard working person in the country struggling to make ends meet.

The Tories record on meeting their promises on immigration is atrocious, with Theresa May again recently repeating the broken promise to cut migration to the ‘tens of thousands’.  Does anyone believe this?   Kingston council’s planning assumes that the population of the Royal Borough will grow 15% from 173,000 to 199,000 people by 2036, including over 2,600 international migrants per year.  This is insanity.  Our roads are already congested, schools are crowded, NHS and social care is overwhelmed.  How could anyone seeing these problems think that the answer is more people?

UKIP is the only common-sense voice facing up to the broken political establishment.  Whether it is Brexit, Grammar Schools, Immigration or Integration, UKIP sets the agenda.  We tell the Tories what to do, and they do it.  UKIP caused the referendum, and UKIP won the referendum.  Where we lead, they follow.  With UKIP, voters in Kingston & Surbiton have a real choice, and a real voice”.

Graham can be contacted via:

Twitter @Graham_KSUKIP