Out of the EU and into the World!

For those of you who haven’t seen it, William Dartmouth MEP has written an indepth report into the impact of the UK leaving the EU and being able to sign free-trade deals with the rest of the world. Trade does not depend on us being a member of a political union.

Click here to download the full report.

The Truths:

1. We would be able to negotiate and maintain  lucrative trade agreements.

Countries like Switzerland thrive in part because they can negotiate their own agreements with other countries.

The fact they are not part of a large trading bloc is not a limitation – far from it, it allows them to negotiate for themselves, on their own behalf, and in their own interests.

2. We would continue to trade with EU member states.

The UK is the largest purchaser of EU goods and services, it is inevitable thast we would negotiate our own trade agreement with the EU after exit.

And – with or without a trade agreement – we can continue to trade with EU countries, just as China, Russia and the United States do today – under World Trade Organisation rules.

3. We would regain the ability to act in our own interests.

Through the World Trade Organisation and other memberships, we would represent ourselves.

Our decisions would be based on what works for the United Kingdom, not the varied priorities and self-interests of 28 different states.

The Falsehoods:

  1. We need to be in the EU to have access to the EU single market. Not true!
  2. You have to be a member of the EUI in order to export successfully. Not true!
  3. The UK would be isolated. Not true!
  4. A UK-EU trade agreement will inevitably require the “free movement of people”. Not true!
  5. A country cannot negotiate trade agreements without being being part of a large trading bloc. Not true!